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29 November 2013 – 11 January 2014

(closed from 15 December until 7 January)

Gaffer is the latest audiovisual installation from Trope, an artistic collaboration between Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez. Meeting as post-graduates at Goldsmiths in 2011, MacGillivray and Mathez collectively developed the Diasynchronoscope – a new, screenless medium where concrete objects are animated to create an experience in three-dimensional space. 

The name 'Diasynchronoscope' is a combination of diachronic (the study of a phenomenon as it changes through time), synchronous (simultaneity) and scope (view). The name evokes early animation simulators like the phenakistoscope or zoetrope (which Trope regard as ancestors to their method) by combining animation, Gestalt principles and embodiment theory.

MacGillivray and Mathez have constructed Gaffer as a reflective portrait of their audience, one that speculates on the possibilities of a single-person immersive experience. Through an intricately constructed scenario, their installation establishes an atmosphere in which the viewer is confronted by their own compliance.

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Trope (Carol MacGillivray and Bruno Mathez) has conducted a diverse array of in-situ projects. Recent commissions include Conversio, Frequency Festival, Lincoln UK; Stylus, Music Tech Fest, London UK (both 2013) and Gestalt Circle, CAe Computational Aesthetics, Annecy FR (2012). Additionally, Carol and Bruno have conducted talks and workshops at Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, London UK; Wolff Olins, London UK (both 2013); The Walker Space, Ravensbourne UK; Watermans Gallery for New Media, London UK (both 2012) and Kinetica Art Fair, London UK (2012 and 2013).

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